A Special Announcement

If you have been following my blog or keeping up with me on twitter or facebook then you are aware of the fact that I made an announcement this past Sunday in regards to my future here at NewSpring Church.

That announcement was that I will be taking a sabbatical this summer. The decision was not easy to make but it was something God has been pressing into me for the last couple of years. You can watch my entire explanation and get all of the details in the video below.

I’m SO EXCITED to spend time with my family and I am already PUMPED up about being back at NewSpring ready to reach 100,000 people in the state of South Carolina with the Gospel. I will be back in the office around the middle of July and preaching live again at NewSpring on July 29th. However, what I am REALLY excited about is that my first time preaching will be Monday night at the Gauntlet!!

It is going to be AWESOME! I LOVE my church.