Random Thought Thursday—Part One, It’s Still New!

Oct 20, 2005

About a year and a half ago I bought a car…about the nicest car I have ever owned. (WOW, I have came a long way from the 1978 AMC bright orange Gremlin that I used to have. YES—there was a model of car actually called a Gremlin! It was a piece of work—I literally had to take two quarts of transmission fluid and a quart of oil with me everywhere I went!)

Sorry—I ramble at times!

Anyway—this new car had some features on it that I was not completely aware of, for example—seat heaters. I had never heard of these things—but when I bought the car I was told all about them and of how useful they would be on those cold winter mornings. I sort of halfway listened and began asking about things that mattered—like the stereo…

So about three months later I am riding down the road and I rolled down my window. However, unknowingly I hit the button on my seat heater and it began to work its magic.

After a minute or two I began to get really uncomfortable—my rear end was beginning to burn—I was sweating profusely…I began to run through scenarios in my mind, “What is happening to me? Am I going flippin’ crazy?” I literally thought at any moment I was going to see a bright light and then hear voices saying, “Come into the light, come into the light!”

My wife is a family practice doctor and was in the car with me at the time. I looked at her with what she describes as a desperate look and said, “Honey, something is wrong with me.”

“What do you mean,” she asked.

I didn’t know any other way to say it, “‘Cretia, my butt is on fire—it’s burning—it just started—am I crazy?”

There was a look of confusion on her face & she asked, “What exactly do you mean your butt is on fire?”

I said, “It is burning—it feels like someone is holding a blowtorch to it—look at me, I am sweating all over—what is wrong with me?”

She was doing her best to diagnose me and I just happened to look to my left & noticed a little yellow light on…it was the one indicating that my seat heater was working—of course, I didn’t need that stupid light to tell me that—my rear end was well informed.

Lucretia and I laughed about that—and we still do; in fact, I have been laughing the entire time I have been writing this! “But what does that have to do with God, the church, the Bible, leadership—anything spiritual,” I am sure this is the question some of you are asking.

Well—here goes…I had owned this new car for quite some time before I discovered the function of the seat heaters. Truth is that I had the seat heaters the entire time—I just never used them, or never even attempted to find out more about them. But once again—they were there all along. We have all experienced that when getting something new—we continue to discover things about it as time goes on.

I had this thought as I was reading in the book of John this morning, “This is so awesome—this still feels so new to me!” John happens to be my favorite Gospel—I have read it dozens of times, but this morning I was seeing stuff that I have never seen before—and it was amazing. Now the truth is that what I saw this morning has always been there—but the more I investigate the more I learn.

The Bible says that His mercies are made new to us every morning. With a God as creative and exciting as the One we serve—how dare we portray Him as boring…or worse than that—allow Him to become boring in our lives. He gives us new stuff every day if we will simply keep our eyes open. I have never approached Scripture that I didn’t get some new thought or idea. I have never seen a sunset that looked the same. Every morning when I wake up next to Lucretia she is more beautiful than she was the morning before.

Jesus said that He would make all things new—and I believe it is up to us to not let the freshness of our faith get scuffed up by the world.

My prayer for you today is that you would allow the Lord to allow you to see something new! Seriously, take a look @ the sunset tonight—talk with someone and ask them, “What have you been learning lately?” I guarantee you they will tell you something new!

That’s the thing I love about my faith in Christ—it still feels new! He has made me knew and is creative enough to keep my attention…but I have to always be looking for it.

That’s it for now—check back later on for some “shout outs!”