Prayer Requests

Jun 8, 2006

Last night was awesome…I want to post on it when I have more time.  But I’ve GOT to get to something quickly.

I had an awesome conversation last night with a lady in the lobby after the service.  She asked me how she can pray for me.  Now let me up front—that is one of the most flattering things that you can ask a pastor, it shows that you care.

You often hear people say, “Pray for your pastor.”  Shoot—you often hear pastors say, “pray for me.”  But none of us ever share how to pray for us…or what to specifically pray for…so I wanted to throw some things out there…and if you are led to pray for me—the following areas will be great.  (I will try to do this from time to time.)

#1 - Pray For My Attitude

I have to be honest—not completing the marathon was a HUGE deal for me.  It hurt—BAD…and it still does.  I trained hard…but for some reason I just didn’t make it—and that has been a hard pill to swallow.  SO…pray that I will get over this.  God has taught me a lot through it already…and for that I am grateful…but pray that He will continue to teach me…BUT that I will get over not finishing and move on.

#2 - Pray For My Marriage

Always pray for this!  Now don’t freak out—Lucretia is not throwing frying pans at me or anything, our marriage is awesome.  However, I am constantly begging God to fill me with wisdom & show me how I can be a better husband.

#3 - Pray For Lucretia’s Medical Practice

Lucretia is a doctor—most of you know this.  She was at a practice here in town…but through some unforeseen circumstances she made the decision to leave that practice and go in with another group.  Her patient base is growing…but we are praying that it will grow even more.

#4 - Pray For Direction As Far As A Family

Lucretia and I are praying about beginning a family…and that’s all that will be said!

#5 - Pray For Creativity

Pray that the Lord will continue to fill be with creative thoughts and ideas.

#6 - Pray For The Youth Trip Next Week

Most of you know that I am heading to Panama City next week to speak to our youth group.  I am really excited about this opportunity and really took some time over the last several weeks to try to develop the messages that I will be giving.  Pray for kids to accept Christ and for lives to be changed.

#7 - Pray For My Conversation At 4:00 Today!  

Some of you know this…but I LOVE to write and have been wanting to write a book telling the story of NewSpring for a long time.  Well…a publisher contacted me last week and we have a telephone call set up for today at 4:00…I have been thinking about it all week long and I am so pumped that I can’t even see straight!!!

That’s about it for now…thanks to everyone who does pray for me!  And for those who know people on staff and may be wondering, “How can I pray for the people on staff?”  ASK THEM!