Personal Prayer Request

Jul 30, 2008

I seriously need your prayers in regards to a family situation.

Lucretia, my wife, will be having surgery on Wednesday, August 27 to remove both sides of her thyroid.

It was first discovered she had a “lump” on her thyroid back in 2005. I remember when it was discovered she called me and told me they were going to do a biopsy. I rushed to the hospital and held her hand during the procedure. It turned out to not be cancerous…but they said it would need to be watched closely.

After she had Charisse she noticed the lump seemed to have increased in size. (She had previously had it drained.) When she went back to get it checked on again the doctor told her that because of the increase there was about a 10% possibility that, if left alone, it could turn into cancer.

So, she’s elected to have it removed. It is up in the air as to whether or not this will include a stay at the hospital or not; however, what we do know is that it will alter our life for at least a week or so…and for her, a lot longer. She will most likely have to go on thyroid medicine to regulate her metabolism…which isn’t the most simple process to deal with. AND…she will be unable to take care of Charisse for about a week or so.

So…please pray…

#1 - For a quick recovery! (She is a fast healer!)

#2 - For a quick adjustment to the medicine she has to be on.

#3 - For Charisse to survive my cooking!

#4 - For no long term complications.

#5 - For our faith to be strengthened through this.

Thanks so much! I will keep everyone updated through Twitter and this website as to all that is going on!