Is It Too Late For Your Marriage?

Jan 19, 2016

Today I received THIS EMAIL from someone at NewSpring - stories like this NEVER get old!!! It's NEVER too late - 

When me and my husband got our "Better Together" box we were excited. However with the hustle and bustle of life, bills, kids, work- it got quickly forgotten and pushed to the corner of our closet. 

At the time me and my husband were going through a rough season- a lot of past anger and resentment and inability to communicate. We had even brought up the word "divorce". This past Sunday I was unable to attend service due to a sick newborn. I used this "day off" to do some cleaning. 

As I went in the closet, there it was: a gift given to me by my church and my pastor that I had quickly disregarded. I pulled it out and quietly walked up to my husband and said "Want to go through this with me?" We of course loved the coffee cups and we were intrigued by the map. But then we decided to read through the devotional together. 

It was at that time that God spoke very loudly and directly to both of our hearts- while we have both accepted Jesus prior to that day, we both were not close in our relationship with Him and because of that we were not close in our relationship with each other. We then decided to open the conversation cards- the answers to some questions brought smiles and laughter, the answers to others showed us the areas we needed to work on: both in our marriage and in ourselves. 

So Sunday night, my husband and myself recommitted ourselves to each other and to God- to reading our bibles, attending church, and getting plugged in. We committed to having Jesus at the center of our marriage so that we can always have strength to overcome every obstacle. I just wanted to thank you and thank NewSpring because this small gift saved our marriage.

Y'all throw your hands up and celebrate this with me!!!