Aug 18, 2011

I honestly believe that Sunday is the most important day of the week…and I make no apologies for that.

It’s a bit insane to see some in church culture become irritated at pastors and church leaders who look forward to and celebrate Sundays.  They make comments like, “It’s not about what happens on Sunday but what happens the rest of the week…”

Don’t get me wrong…I TOTALLY get what they are saying…but my fear is that in saying things like this we are throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Honestly, it would be the same as saying to a college football team, “you guys seem to get way too excited about Saturdays!  Seriously guys, it’s more than just about Saturday…it’s how you practice, it’s how you conduct yourself off the field.  I think you guys are really narrow minded and shallow because you all seem to focus on one day.”

Anyone who said that to a college football team would be considered insane…but we’ve started calling these people “holy” in church culture.


I say to pastors and church leaders…GET PUMPED ABOUT SUNDAYs!!


Sunday is GAME DAY!  And you should NEVER apologize for your passion about the day when God’s people gather together!!!  EVER!!!

Yes, what happens for the rest of the week matters.  Yes, Sunday SHOULD BE a catalyst for all of us to walk out the doors and live for and share Christ with others all week long.  Yes, we should follow Jesus as passionately Monday through Saturday as we do on Sunday’s…I get all of that…

BUT…those things are NO REASON to DIS SUNDAY!!!  Sunday is the day that Jesus rose from the freakin’ GRAVE…THAT IS FREAKIN’ EXCITING!!!!   And…excuse me (and others) for being PUMPED about it…but when God’s people get together to focus on, proclaim and celebrate who JESUS IS…well, I THINK THAT IS A BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL…and it is something that we should ALL look forward to!!!

Church leader…if you’re not excited about your church then I can promise you that satan is!!!  And church leaders have GOT to lead the way when it comes to PASSION and PURPOSE!

People have tried to criticize me in the past saying, “you always think that this coming Sunday is going to be epic, the best ever…it can’t always be that way.”

YES IT CAN!!!  Don’t try to hold me hostage in your prison of predictability and passionless leadership!!!  I can’t WAIT for the next Sunday, the next series…and I really do believe it is going to be THE BEST EVER!!  DANG…how much would it suck to serve under a leader that didn’t believe that God had anything great in store for the church?

AND…one more thing, when God moves in your church, when someone receives Christ or a prodigal comes home or anything like that…CELEBRATE…tell the WHOLE WORLD what JESUS has done!!!  Don’t hold back…CELEBRATE!!  Good gosh…Christians should LEAD THE WORLD in regards to HOW TO THROW A PARTY!!!  Don’t hold back because you are scared that others will think you are boasting…you ARE BOASTING IN THE LORD!!!  You are boasting in WHO HE IS and WHAT HE IS DOING!!!  Don’t hold it in…SHOUT IT OUT!!!  Jesus said in Luke 15 that we should throw parties when just ONE person surrenders their life to CHRIST!!!

Sundays are AWESOME!  I love Sundays!  I anticipate Sundays!  I celebrate Sundays!!!  Every church leader should!!!  (Psalm 122:1!!!)