Hurricane Sandy Relief

Howdy NewSpring Church, yesterday I shared with everyone about what we're going to do in regards to our effort to reach out to the millions of people that have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. 

Anytime a natural disaster strikes one of the first places we have always sought to partner with is a local church...because when the relief organizations pack up and leave the local church will STILL be there acting as the hands and feet of Jesus. 

The church we have the privilege of partnering with in this relief effort is Hillsong Church in New York City.  Their pastor, Carl Lentz made the video above that I hope you will take a few minutes to view. 

I'm proud of the way our church responded yesterday... I simply announced that we were taking an offering for relief and over $15,000 was given; however, I know that many people could not give because you didn't come to church prepared to do so. can give now!!!  I would encourage EVERYONE reading this post to go to Hillsong New York's website. You can click on the "Give To Hurricane Relief" button on the right side of the page or go right here and give what you can to make a difference!!!  (AND please don't think that your gift won't make an impact...any gift of any size will be used to reach out to people who are desperate!) 

Some may ask, "why are we not sending supplies such as water, blankets, etc" and I believe that is an excellent question. First of all...lots of supplies have been sent into the hurting areas...and more are on the way. However, every time I've ever called pastors and asked them what they need the most in regards to what will help them be most effective in their efforts to reach out I'm always told that any money that can be sent is always most helpful because they are actually on the ground and can see the needs that need to be met instead of purely speculating. 

I'm asking EVERYONE at NewSpring Church to step up and do what you can to financially bless Hillsong NYC so that they can help people who are hurting!!!