Pastor P

Hey NewSpring, It’s A Big Ask Week!

Aug 20, 2012

Here are a few things I want us all to focus on as NewSpringers this week…

#1 - ASK THEM, ASK HIM...that person (or those people) who God placed on your heart yesterday during the service, that wasn’t a fluke…ask them to come with you to church on Sunday and then ask Jesus to save them!!!

#2 - Our Nights Of Worship…we are fully anticipating these events to be two of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had in the history of our church, with that in mind remember a few things…

  • One - we are expecting people to meet Christ at these events (because we are asking HIM and them), if people won’t come to church with you on Sunday then bring them to one of these events.
  • Two - Our event in Columbia is a GREAT way to introduce the ministry of NewSpring Church to people who might not attend church…but would come to a “concert!”  AND…for those in Myrtle Beach, Florence and Charleston…a HUGE THANK YOU in advance for your willingness to drive up for this night, it is going to be worth it!!!
  • Three - For those in the upstate and attending the night of worship in the BILO Center—if you want a seat then you had better get there as early as possible.  Keep in mind that if everyone who attends our Anderson, Greenville and Spartanburg locations shows up then people will most likely be turned away.  So, get there early and be ready…it’s going to be awesome!

#3 - IF YOU ATTEND NEWSPRING IN ANDERSON READ THIS - We are going to be slammed this Sunday…so, we’re asking as many people as possible, if at all possible, to please attend either the 4pm or the 6pm service.  I will be preaching every service live this Sunday.  It will definitely allow us to reach more people this one week by freeing up as many seats as possible in our prime times.

#4 - IF YOU ATTEND NEWSPRING GREENVILLE READ THIS - We are starting a 6pm service THIS COMING SUNDAY (that will continue every week).  And, we are asking as many people as possible to attend this particular service as it will free up more seats in the AM services in order that we may reach more people with the Gospel.

(AND…if you have friends who love to “sleep in” on Sunday’s…tell them you do as well…then bring them to church at one of our locations that has evening services!)

#5 - IF YOU ATTEND NEWSPRING COLUMBIA PLEASE READ THIS - It is INSANE what is happening in Cola!  We are working as quickly as possible to get our new facility up and running…in the meantime we need as many people as possible to attend our 4 & 6 pm services so that we as a church can effectively reach as many people as possible.  This coming Sunday is going to be CRAZY down there…and it’s going to be INCREDIBLE as well.  If you can make it a priority to attend either 4 or 6 this week I will promise that more people will meet Christ at 9:15 and 11:15 because they will have a seat to sit in when they show up!

#6 - IF YOU ATTEND NEWSPRING IN CHARLESTON OR FLORENCE READ THIS - We have plenty of room this Sunday in both service times!!!  So, let’s FILL THOSE PLACES UP!!!!  Seriously!!!

#7 - IF YOU ATTEND NEWSPRING MYRTLE BEACH PLEASE READ THIS - We are having services this Sunday at 9:15, 11:15 and 1:00pm!!!  We are SLAMMED in our current location (Great Problem to have by the way)...and so, if you can make it a priority to do whatever it takes to attend our 1:00 service for this coming Sunday ONLY I can promise we will be able to impact more and more people with the Gospel!!!  It’s going to be GREAT!!!

#8 - IF YOU ATTEND NEWSPRING SPARTANBURG PLEASE READ THIS - Sunday is going to be amazing…it will most likely be standing room only!!!  :-)  It’s so awesome to think that our Spartanburg location is a little over a half a year old and we have just about outgrown the space that we are currently in!

ONE MORE THING FOR EVERY CAMPUS - whatever time you normally arrive at church, make it a priority this week to get to your campus 10-15 minutes earlier this week as we are anticipating longer lines of traffic and longer lines in the children’s check in areas!!!  It’s going to be a GREAT week!!!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday are going to be AWESOME!!!  Let’s go for the BIG ASK this week!!!  I’m PUMPED!!!