Hey NewSpring Church…Eight Quick Things…

Apr 29, 2010

#1 - This Sunday will be one of the BEST communion services we’ve EVER had…can’t wait!

#2 - This Sunday will be an UNBELIEVABLE SUNDAY to get people to come to church with you…seriously, people receive Christ EVERY TIME we do communion…and we are fully believing He is going to “draft” people on His team this weekend.  SO…go for it with the same intensity you did at Easter, reengage people again…you never know what God might do!!!

#3 - PRAY for this Sunday, specifically that His presence will be experienced, that people will surrender their lives to Him and that people will get their hearts and minds right before partaking in communion. (AND…go ahead and begin to pray for Him to prepare your heart!)

#4 - DO NOT MISS THE OPENING SONG!!! Seriously…THIS is THE SUNDAY to make sure you are in your seat when the counter hits zero!

#5 - There is a rumor that “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” is going to be performed within the next several months at NewSpring Church…(maybe around August or so)...I cannot confirm or deny that rumor!  :-)

#6 - If you have ever thought that God may have something incredible planned for your life…but your not sure what it may be…then you NEED to be at our three week series on the book of Esther beginning on May 16th.

#7 - Lucretia is pregnant!

#8 - The line above is not true…I just wanted to see (once again) how many began calling and emailing other people before reading this line.  :-)