From The Archives - Overwhelmed Week 2

Yesterday I wrote about our Overwhelmed series that we did this past February and shared the first week’s message of ”How to Overcome Being Overwhelmed”.

Today I want to share another message from this series where I discussed winning the battle with depression.

Depression is a very real issue…it has impacted every single one of us (either it has happened to us or someone we know.)  God took me through a three year period and I can honestly say that His mercy was made so obvious to me in that time.  My entire perspective on life changed when I stopped trying to get everything else around me to change and began asking God to change what was broken inside of me!!!  He humbled me!  Broke me!  AND…RESTORED ME!!!  Only God can use pain for progress!!!

In this message I specifically dealt with how I arrived at a place of depression and anxiety, what I learned in that time and what brought me through. It was one of the most real and raw messages I’ve ever preached and I am still begging Jesus to use it to bring hope and healing to people.
Below is an excerpt from the message ”Win the Battle with Depression”.

You can watch this particular sermon here or view the entire series here.