Five Books I Highly Recommend

Nov 1, 2018

I LOVE books - and consume them via audible, my kindle app on my iPad...and, yes, actual REAL books - here are five that I've CONSUMED lately that, on a scale of 1-10, I give them all a 125!!!  

#1 - "Irresistable" by Andy Stanley 

Andy is, hands down, one of the most amazing leaders I've ever had the privilege of meeting in my life.  And--when I tell you this is the BEST BOOK he has ever written--I mean it.  If you want you get your church to thrive over the next 25-50 years (rather than die off and blame others in the process) then you've got to get this book ASAP.  

#2 - ""Dare To Lead" by Brene Brown

Just when you think, "there's NO WAY she can outdo her last book,"--she does.  

The first time I was introduced to Brene was through her Ted Talk on the subject of shame...and I've always loved and admired her work.  But - in this book she takes her research about shame an vulnerability and dives into how impacts (or should impact) leadership - and I am telling you if we could just take half of what she reveals and apply it in our churches/businesses - it would DRAMATICALLY change our work environments--and the attitudes of everyone who works with us.  

#3 - "Everybody, Always" by Bob Goff

What makes this book so incredible is...I know Bob.  And...this isn't just some theories he wrote down on paper so he could get a check from a publisher--but rather the story of how he really is trying to love people (and the highs and lows associated with trying to do so.  I can promise you will laugh and cry multiple times while reading through this book!  

#4 - "Crushing It," by Gary Vaynerchuk

PLEASE - don't email me about Gary V...yes, I know he uses "the F word" in his talks (he's from New York, I'm pretty sure you can't graduate first grade without knowing how to use the "F-word" in a sentence.)  

If you want to know how to leverage social media for your personal brand or business--there's not a better guide on the planet than this book.  (His podcast is pretty on fire as well.)  

#5 - "I Can't Make This Up" by Kevin Hart

Two things...

First - Get the audible me, Kevin reads in...and ad libs while doing so.  

Second - You might not want to listen to it around the kids...just a warning.  

Why would I recommend this book?  Simple - Kevin tells his story...and while doing so completely dismantles the idea of becoming some sort of "overnight success!"  I was completely surprised at his story, how hard he worked, how many times he fell down and got right back up.  



"Overwhelmed--Winning The War Against Worry" 


"The Most Excellent Way To Lead!"  

I wrote these - I have limited copies of each on hand right now...if you want an autographed copy we'll sell you a copy for $15 (includes shipping in the continental United States).  

I don't have a link to a site to sell them yet (you can get them on Amazon if you want I think) - but - if you want an autographed copy--just email me - and we will be in touch about taking your order!