Eleven Wishes on My Birthday

Jun 24, 2010

I’m 39 today…

WOW…I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.  It really does seem like just yesterday I was having my 10 year old birthday party at McDonalds (I had a crush on the McDonalds party girl!)  And now I’m 39…when did THAT happen?

People always ask, “what do you want for your birthday…what are you wishing for?”  So…here’s several things that I’ve written down.

#1 - I really want to know Christ, to hear His voice clearer than I’ve EVER heard it before.  To KNOW what it is like to be completely filled with and consumed with HIS HOLY SPIRIT and follow Him with reckless abandon!

#2 - That I will be the GREATEST husband on the planet, that I will pursue Lucretia for the rest of my life, that I will do all that I can to make her feel beautiful, honored and special.  That I will honor the vows I took on April 8,2000 and that I will NEVER allow the church replace her as the love of my life.

#3 - That I will be an amazing father to Charisse…that I will be the kind of dad that, one day, after she moves away and has a family of her own, that she WANTS to come back around and see me rather than doing so because I make her feel guilty if she doesn’t.  I want to lead her well…to honor what God says in Deuteronomy 6:4-7 by teaching AND modeling for her what it means to follow Jesus.

#4 - To continue to lead NewSpring Church—to break up our unplowed ground (see Hosea 10:12)—to see over 100,000 people gives their lives to Christ…to see WHAT can happen in a church WHEN people are completely sold out to Him, refuse to play it safe and do ANYTHING SHORT OF SIN to reach people for Christ.

#5 - To be a friend…one that loves, trusts, forgives and believes the best about people.

#6 - To be a great boss, a leader worth following…one that refuses to use people, manipulate by fear and/or throw his integrity away because he desires self gratification more than honoring Christ.

#7 - To continue to pour into pastors and church leaders…it KILLS me to see so many struggling and giving up on what God called them to do…and I feel God wants me to do all that I can to try and reverse that trend.

#8 - To write at least four books.

#9 - To go to Italy…seriously—Florence, Venice and Rome!!!

#10 - To own a Cadillac Escalade…I know, I know, that’s incredibly materialistic and all that jazz…but, it’s my dream car!  (Black with leather interior…just in case you were wondering!)  :-)

#11 - WHATEVER…seriously, for the rest of my life I want to be “that guy” who is willing to do whatever God calls him to do.  I believe that there’s more in store for me…that His plans are greater than mine and my best days are still ahead if I will just continue to listen to His voice, make war on sin and try to live out John 3:30 to the best of my abilities.