An Awesome Wife

Jul 2, 2006

Yesterday was “Perry/Lucretia Day!”  And it was AWESOME!

We went to the gym & hit the cardio machines…I think we were there for an hour and a half.

THEN back to the house for some grub—we ALWAYS go to Sonic on Saturday’s.  (We love their onion rings!!!  I know—it seems to contradict itself—working out & then onion rings…but hey—it works!)

After getting cleaned up we went to see Superman Returns…pretty good flick.  A little slow at times—I attribute that to my A-D-D.

THEN we went to Five Guys Burgers & Fries for the first time! Good grub…I would highly recommend it…UNLESS you are allergic to peanuts—in that case going there might kill you…so stay away because I don’t want you dead.  (A shout out to Jake and Allen here!!!)

Afterwards we went to Marble Slab and then came home and watched Ultimate Fighting!!!  No, I’m not kidding…Lucretia loves to watch that show!!!

So let me backtrack…my wife and I…

  • Went to the gym
  • Ate onion rings
  • Watched Superman
  • Ate a burger, fries, and ice cream
  • Watched ultimate fighting

Yep—my wife is pretty much awesome!!!