A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

Howdy NewSpring Church, FIVE things I want to share with you today...

#1 - I absolutely LOVE our church and EVERYTHING that Jesus has been doing at every single campus.  Sunday we talked about religious people repenting of religion...and I am quite sure that after that message that none of us will ever look at "angry birds" quite the same.  Some things I hope we remember from the series are...

  • Jesus liked people who were nothing like Him...and people who were nothing like Him liked Him (ripped that off from Andy Stanley!)  If the church is supposed to be the body of Christ then shouldn't the same be said for us!  
  • The church has been marginalized in our culture because we get angry at lost people acting like lost people...when instead we should engage them like Christ did!  
  • We are fully alive when we are connected to the purpose and person of Jesus...and it is a spiritual impossibility to say that we really do love and care for what Jesus loves and cares for while at the same time ignoring lost people.  Lost people REALLY do matter to God! 
  • Luke 15 Jesus tells three stories in a row about something or someone that was lost...it's the only time that He spoke about a subject anywhere in the Scriptures three times in a row, He was obviously making a point...that LOST PEOPLE really do matter to God!  
  • The Father's House (the church) should be the safest place for a rebellious person to come home to!  
  • The church does an incredible job of asking sinners to repent of sin...but we often neglect to ask religious people to repent of their religion.  (Ripped that off from Mark Driscoll!) 
  • Self righteousness is more ungodly than unrighteousness!!!  
  • A church that is fully alive is a church that is more obsessed with who they are reaching than who they are keeping!  
  • AND...if you didn't read THIS POST I POSTED YESTERDAY about some reminders for our church I would encourage you to check it out ASAP!  

#2 - I'm asking everyone in our church to take about 30 seconds or so and read I Timothy 2:3-6...and, as you read it if the Lord puts someone on your heart then do WHATEVER it takes to BRING them to a Christmas service (here is the website with the service times for every campus!)  I can promise you that this will be the most black and white Christmas service we've ever had at NewSpring Church!  

#3 - PLEASE continue to pray for Lucretia...she is getting better; however, it is very slow progress and some things that we've seen in researching what she has is that it could take up to a month for her to have a full recovery.  

#4 - On Sunday, December 30 we will be having our annual "Year In Review Sunday" and we're ALL pretty excited about it.  Many people have told us that it is literally their favorite Sunday of the year as we take time to CELEBRATE what God has done in 2012 and ANTICIPATE what He is going to do in 2013.  AND...it's going to be done a little differently this year than in years past!!!  

#5 - On Sunday, January 6 we are going to talk about, "How To Have The Best Year Of Your Life!"  I honestly believe that 2013 could/should be our best year EVER (as individuals and as a church!)  Make plans to be with us on this day as we dive into how!!!  

That's it for today...once again, make plans to be with us for a Christmas service...I LOVE MY CHURCH!