A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

Howdy NewSpring Church, FIVE things I would love to share with you today…

#1 - I am CELEBRATING the 12 people that surrendered their lives to Christ this past Sunday…AND also the dozens and dozens of prodigals that “came home.”  Take some time to read through Luke 15 today…one of the things I’ve seen in that passage recently is that there is a party when the lost are found, and there is also a party when the prodigals come home!!!

#2 - We talked Sunday about the fact that God wants GREATER things for our lives!  Like I said Sunday…I believe that with all of my heart, I do not believe that Jesus saves people to make them miserable!!!  One of the things I believe we lose sight of as followers of Christ is that HE really does want the best for our lives.  God didn’t just set the Israelites free from slavery in Israel—that was just the beginning, His ultimate goal was to bring them to a GREATER PLACE, the Promised Land!!!  We said that there are five things associated with GREATER things…we covered two on Sunday and we will hit the other three this coming Sunday!!  I can’t wait!!!

AND…in case you missed it yesterday, I posted some Scripture that I would love everyone to spend some time in this week.)  

#3 - Something happened to me this past Sunday that has NEVER happened to me in my 22 years of being in ministry…I completely lost my voice and was unable to preach the 6:00 service.  I tried my best to do it…I drank hot tea and honey (don’t judge me) and must have swallowed about 150 halls…but it wasn’t happening.  So, the 6:00 service got to see the video from 11:15…and from everything I saw and heard it was a GREAT experience!!  My throat is recovering very well…thanks for the prayers.

#4 - YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!  (Here is another link with more info!)  We are gathering together as a church on Friday, August 24 in the Colonial Center in Columbia and Saturday, August 25 at the BILO center in Greenville to BEG JESUS to save 3,000 people on Sunday, August 26th!  I honestly believe these events are going to be MONUMENTAL in the life of NewSpring Church and am believing that God is going to BLOW OUR MINDS!!!  Jesus said in John 12:32 that if He is lifted up that HE WILL draw people to Himself!!!

#5 - I would LOVE for you to stop by my Facebook page (right here) and share with me why you love your church!!!

That’s it for this week…I love my church, cannot WAIT for this Sunday, it’s going to be THE BEST EVER!!!