A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

Nov 30, 2010

Howdy NewSpring!  I wanted to share five things with you on this Tuesday as we begin to prepare for this incredible Christmas season.

#1 - We were praying for incredible things during our, “Man Versus Wife” series…and once again we saw God do Ephesians 3:20 size miracles right in front of our eyes.

  • Between 350-400 people surrender their lives to Christ over the past seven weeks.
  • It’s the first time in the history of our church that we’ve averaged over 12,000 people for a series.
  • We’ve seen hundreds of first time visitors at every campus (because found people find guys have done an incredible job bringing people to church!)
  • We’ve seen countless numbers of couples come forward and seek help for their marriages.
  • We’ve seen people begin to deal with addictions and past sins.
  • We’ve seen marriages restored; in fact, there have been quite a few couples that were divorced that actually got back together during the series and have made plans to try to work things out!

Thanks again to everyone who prayed for big things in this series…thanks for those who served (saved people serve people) every week…thanks for those who gave financially (I can’t out give God) so that we could do the direct mail piece that reached over 1 million people.  Thanks to everyone who has reached out to couples who you know have been struggling in their marriages and began to help them (I can’t do life alone!) AND…thanks for those who began to focus on their RESPONSIBILITIES rather than their RIGHTS in their marriage—I’m praying the Lord will continue to refine us all in this area…because…Growing people change!

#2 - THIS SUNDAY we begin a brand new series on the subject of HOPE!  I heard a statistic the other day that absolutely wrecked me…it was that nearly every year there are as many suicides in December than there are January through November!  WHOA!  In the month that we celebrate the birth of Jesus there seems to be less hope…that shouldn’t be!  For the next four weeks we are going to dive into the Scriptures and talk about HOW to get our HOPE back…and how to share this HOPE with a world that is more desperate for it than ever before.

(BTW…this Sunday is one of “those Sundays” that I don’t think we’ll ever forget as a church!)

#3 - Christmas services this year are going to be AMAZING!!!  I’ve seen reports over the past few years that indicate that people are more likely to visit a church at Christmas than any other time of the year.  AND…knowing this here at NewSpring Church we’ve always gone all out to do everything possible to use this time to present the Gospel in a way that is clear and understandable.

I honestly believe that this years presentation is going to be one of the clearest, most powerful presentations the Lord has ever led us to present.  So…I’m asking all of you to…

Pray like crazy every single day from now until then…asking God to draw people to church and change lives!!

Get a ticket for you and for the people you are inviting.  Here is our website that lists our service times for every campus...(you can also get your tickets here) and we’re asking everyone to get a FREE ticket (and use them to invite people to church with you during that period.)  AND…bring your ticket back to church with you when you come to the service…we will be taking them up at the door and then doing a drawing (during every service at every campus) for a free ipad!!!

#4 - And…FYI…because we are putting SO much time and energy into our services for Christmas this year…we will NOT be having church on Sunday, December 26th.  We are giving our amazing staff and volunteers that Sunday off to relax, enjoy time with their family and get ready for 2011…which is going to be an amazing year!!!

#5 - THIS SUNDAY officially begins our Christmas offering…as I’ve been saying for several weeks…I would love it if each of you will pray and ask God, “what would you have me give?”  If you want some Scripture to read through as you pray I would highly recommend II Corinthians 8 and II Corinthians 9.

Love you NewSpring…can’t wait for Sunday…the best is yet to come!